b h
half-portion insignificant fellow
hamburger a steak (german beefsteak)
hammered down wide-stretched
handicapper bookmaker
hand running continued
hard-luck story an explanation which is questionable
to haul off to depart
to have a big burnt-up feeling to be angry or excited
to have his pots on to be drunk
to have a society bug to have a craze to get into society
to have somebody hooked to strike a blow
haybag fattish
head-and-head game man against man
heat sensation
heel at heart heartless
hundred percent heel unscrupulous, without conscience
heft weight
highbrow gab intelligent talk
high-class operator smart gambler who uses a dishonest pack of cards
high-grade merchandise illegal whiskey or liquor of any kind
to hold post-mortem to complain
hole card sole care; sole ambition
hollering copper calling for the police
homely as a mud fence extremely ugly
honey sweetheart
hoofprints footmarks
hop-joint an opium den
hot horse in poor form, certain to lose the race
hotsy-totsy excellent, pleasant, satisfactory
hudson dusters car-thieves
huffy angry, irritated
husler tipster; very active man
b i
injunin indian-like
inside job theft committed by a member of the household or by a guest
interstate time to go on circuit through the various states of the usa
izzard the letter z
c j
jack-deuce leaning
jack the beefer a beefer is generally a person who gives information against others; the natives of texas are also called beefers
jam disagreement
java cup of coffee
jerry deaf
jinx bad luck
jockey taxi-driver
john roscoe revolver
johnny-come-lately beginner, novice
jug safe, bank
just for a laugh only a friendly call
b k
to keel over to fail in an undertaking
to keep belting away to keep on fighting
ker-plump wholly
kick trouser-pocket
to kick hell out to reprove and censore severely; to create a disturbance
to kick in the snoot to hit on the nose
to kiss to knock down
kisser face
klob game of chance
to knock over to eat
to knock somebody’s ears down to whip or thrash
to knock oneself off to commit suicide
kyards cards
b l
lags convicts
lammister escaped convict
lean and linger fingers
to be levelling to be honest, reliable, fair
to lie dead to conceal oneself
loogan generally a prizefighter but also a fellow who has to work for his living
to lug to carry
luh-huh-wuh love
b m
to make the guy hard to catch to give the fellow a severe beating
marker an iou (I owe you); bill of debt
mawl mallet
middle name order
middling not a regular beauty
mob underworld gang
to be mobbed up to be connected with
monicker nickname
moseying along passing along
mouser mousy moustache
mouthpiece lawyer
to move in on to attack
moxie ability and skill
mumblety-pegs a girl’s legs; generally: mumby-legs
mucky-mucky swell
mug face
muss confusion
mutt dog; fool